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A New Concept for Stringed Instruments

The most tricky and sticky rosins, are the Double Bass Rosins. Depending on weather, humidity, musical movement, and needed sound projection, a variation of rosins are often preferred. Rosins can be soft, but waxy, with little tack. Not so of our products. The Salzman Symphony line offers four distinctive rosins for the professional Double Bass player, as well as those just beginning. The beginner will find less bow squeak from these rosins. The professional player will find a superior tonal quality and projection. A black Polycon plastic container identifies the Double Bass rosins, ranging from #7 through #10. Rosin #10 is the most soft and the most sticky rosin, and is used for those performances that require a louder bass sound projection. The Double Bass rosins are shown here. White on Black lettering along with the rosin scale number is printed on the outer container and also identifies it’s position on the Salzman rosin scale. Those playing in Orchestra settings will most likely prefer #9 or #10, while solo players may prefer # 7 or # 8. Inside the plastic Polycon, the rosin is contained in a pure tin metal container, far superior to paper containers.